An Introduction to Shopify WordPress Plugin

Shopify is best known as an original eCommerce solution. Users must choose a monthly payment plan before they can use this platform. From the dashboard of their account, they can manage payments, products, shipping, comments and other activities. Another reason why this platform is so popular is the fact that it allows easy integration. If you have an online store on a WordPress-based website, then you probably know that it is possible to manage a Shopify online store on WP platform. But, what is even more interesting is that there is a Shopify WordPress plugin too.

How to use Shopify on WordPress?

Many people who have eCommerce experience say that it is not the smartest move to start a brand new store on WordPress. This is quite natural because starting on Shopify is much easier. But, there are many people who are just too familiar with WordPress, so it is more convenient for them to start a venture like this.

So, people who already have a WordPress business website and who want to start to sell online will find this integration most useful. Instead of opening a separate store they can start a store on their website.

If you are integrating Shopify in WordPress, the best idea is to select the Shopify Lite Plan. In this way, you will get unlimited access to the popular Shopify Plugin and many useful features. For instance, you will get direct integration to the website you are already running. In addition, you will get a module for promoting more products to the existing pages. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that with the Lite Plan you will get support for taxes and currencies from all over the world. This is also a secure solution that has more than 70 payment gateways.

So, the first step is to sign up for Shopify Lite Plan. The second step is to install it on the WP platform and activate the plugin. After that, you can start adding products and put the products on the website. Don’t forget that you will have to configure payments too. There are also some shipping options you have to select. Even though Shopify Plugin works well with all WP themes, there are certain themes that work better with this plugin so take some time to analyze the compatibility.

Using Shopify WordPress Plugin is an excellent solution for people who want to add an online store to their existing WP-based site.

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