Shopify or WooCommerce – Which One is Better for your Online Store?

If you are following the latest business trends, you have probably read that running an online store is a real hit these days. The fast advance of technology, especially the Internet, has made these stores more popular than ever. People without experience can now start an online business venture. Doing business online is the simplest and most convenient way of doing business. Most experts in this field agree that using an eCommerce platform is a smart move. These platforms are offering pre-built shops that are easy to manage. Of course, there are many eCommerce platforms, but a few of them hold the largest shares of this market. Shopify and WooCommerce are probably the most used platforms today. So, which one is better?

To start with, there are over 850,000 online stores that use WooCommerce and around 270,000 that use Shopify. The first difference is that WooCommerce is completely free to use while Shopify costs some money depending on the package.

Another important difference between them is the concept. Namely, WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that lets users create online stores on their WordPress sites. On the other hand, Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce site solution that lets people sell online by delivering every tool needed to start an online store.
There are more top 10.000 sites that use WooCommerce which is obviously a sign which option store owners prefer. It is interesting that WooCommerce is used in different industries from arts and entertainment to shopping, telecom and business and industry. Shopify is often used in the folklore, men’s health, and eCommerce niche. The geographical usage is another thing that we should mention. It turns out that WooCommerce is more popular in every country in the world and the UK, USA, Spain, and Russia are not an exception.

Each of these eCommerce platforms has unique features, but they also have many features that they have in common. WooCommerce can be used only on WP-powered websites. In other words, you will have to pay for hosting before you can start building your store. Shopify users can build a store on the platform itself – the hosting is covered. However, Shopify users must be prepared to pay a monthly fee for the service. They have three different pricing plans that have different features.

Take all these things into account before you make your final decision.

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